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7% Off Any Airbnb Booking

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If you’re a UK resident, there’s an easy way to get 7.2% (at the time of writing) back on any Airbnb booking. I will explain how to do it, step by step, screenshots included. This will take about 15 minutes, including making the Airbnb booking.

The key idea is that you can buy Airbnb gift cards with 7.2% cashback from TopCashback and then use them yourself. There’s just one thing to watch out for: you need to have a card with a UK billing address in your Airbnb account.

As a bonus, you’ll get an extra £10 bonus from TopCashback itself if you don’t already have an account with them and use the referral link from this article.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create a free TopCashback account if you don’t have one already by clicking the link below. This link will give you the extra £10.

2. Go to the gift cards section and click the “Get Cashback Now” button

3. You should see the Airbnb logo on the first row. If the logo doesn’t appear, it’s likely that the promotion is over.

4. Click the Airbnb logo. You’ll then be able to choose on the right-hand side the amount on your gift card. The maximum is £250 per purchase, but you can make multiple purchases (like I did below). You can pay by debit or credit card and you will get the usual credit card points.

5. The gift cards are digital. Although they say that the “card may take up to 1 business day to process”, I received all three purchases by email almost instantly, along with a confirmation of the cashback.

6. Follow the instructions to add the credit to your Airbnb account. From there, you can use it like any other payment method. I’ve used three £250 cards towards a single booking here.

7. Wait around 2 days for the cashback to appear in your TopCasback account. From here you can withdraw it to your bank account or PayPal with no strings attached. If you’re new to TopCashback you should receive an additional £10 if you use the link from Step 1 to register.

Final thoughts

The Airbnb credits do not expire but the cashback offer might be discontinued. Therefore, depending on individual circumstances, it could be a good deal to take advantage of the offer now and use the credits at a later date. Keep in mind though that the credits cannot be transferred.

We have a separate post that discusses UK cashback sites more generally and shows more examples of earning cashback.


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